Michelle Obama Is a Decent Rapper

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Yeah, we never thought we'd see that headline either. And yet, here we are.

As if she needed to ensure she'd go down in the books as The Coolest First Lady of All Time (because superior arm muscle definition and friendship with Beyonce just don't quite cut it?), Michelle Obama released a rap video today with SNL's Jay Pharoah, via the comedy site College Humor.

Of course, it's a Michelle Obama rap video, so the song is called "Go To College," with a central message that's staunchly focused on the importance of higher education as opposed to, you know, getting high. Still, it's pretty funny -- and, to the surprise of probably no one, Ms. Obama can actually kind of rap. 

“South Side Chicago, we all know/we had to do overtime every night to make it tomorrow," rhymes one of the most powerful women in the Western Hemisphere, over visuals of her and Pharoah just hanging out around the White House (totally normal) and naming various undergraduate majors from which the First Lady would like you to choose.

Within minutes of its release, #FlotusBars started trending on Twitter, which tells you, um...not that much. Maybe that a lot of people already blew through the first episode of Serial and are bored at work this afternoon.


Anyway: What do you think? If you were previously not inclined to further your education after high school, would a rapping Michelle Obama change your mind? Give it a watch below.