Here's That 24/7 Reindeer Cam No One Asked For

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"For the last time, my name ISN'T RUDOLPH." (Wikimedia Commons)

Can you feel it in the air? The joy, the family togetherness, the overwhelming sense of being slowly smothered to death by the soft, sticky trap of bloated American consumerism?

Yes, the holidays bring out the best in so many of us, and the good folks at Animal Planet are no exception. In order to promote their new show, Wild Winter Nights, the network has set up some seasonally appropriate, 24-hour, livestreamed coverage of everyone's favorite Christmas-y animal: reindeer. AROUND-THE-CLOCK REINDEER.

Introducing the Reindeer Cam, a thrill-seeker's reality show of sorts that follows the adventures of the reindeer living at the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory in Saint Paul, Minnesota. And by adventures, I mean the reindeer just kind of standing around. Sometimes they lie down; sometimes they get fed. Sometimes they go offscreen entirely. (Suggestive!)

And if you're in the mood for some Christmas music but just can't seem to find any big box stores or supermarkets that are sufficiently meeting this need, you're doubly in luck -- the aforementioned animals can be seen standing around to a neverending instrumental loop of sleigh bells, winter wonderlands, and chestnuts roasting on open fires.

If, over the course of viewing such scintillating content, you find yourself overwhelmed with the desire to talk to other Reindeer Cam enthusiasts, you can zip on over to the discussion board, where commenters are pondering questions such as "why does it look like nighttime when it's afternoon?" (Answer from another commenter: "Probably just shadows cast by clouds and trees.")


Anyway, for a very small percentage of the population,  this is probably super exciting, so I'm happy for you. As for the rest of us? Here's the highlight reel. (Lots of messing around with branches!)