Adele's "Hello" Inspired 64% of Women to Call Their Exes, Study Says

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We all knew Adele's comeback single would make us cry. But who could foresee that it would worm its way into unsuspecting brains, block all common sense and make people call up their exes! That's exactly what is happening, according to a new study conducted by (a dating website that involves paying for dates or something creepy like that).

A total of 41k singles were asked about the side-effects of "Hello." A whopping 64% of women said the song inspired them to hit up an ex and try to mend the relationship. (Girl, no.) Only 17% of dudes did the same.

To all the folks who are thinking of calling an ex 'cause Adele made you sad, consider these points:

A. You broke up for a reason. Chances are that reason still applies.

B. Get a flip phone. It'll make dialing your ex a bit more cumbersome, buying you some time in which you might come to your senses.


adele phone gif

C. Breakups are positive things! You either learn a lot about what you should/shouldn't accept as love or you write songs about it and make serious bank à la Adele or Gwen Stefani.

D. Speaking of Gwen, my prescription to you is: pair every "Hello" listen with a "Used to Love You" listen. This will make you realize that, even though getting back with your ex sometimes seems like a rosy idea cause the holidays are approaching or your feet are cold at night or whatever, it will not end well! Gwen got back with Gavin in the early aughts, they had a bunch of blond children and then he cheated on her for THREE years with a doppelgänger nanny! He even left Gwen at the hospital post-childbirth to be with said woman. Your ex will do wack sh*t like this too! Date someone new or just be single. Trust.

E. I made a mixtape a while back that takes the listener through the different stages of breakup grief. If an Adele song can make you go against your better judgment and call an ex, you probably skipped one of them. Get back to it:

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