Careful Out There: Justin Bieber Could Be In Your Next Lyft

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Picture this: You're heading home after a long day of work and, since it's dark and rainy outside, you decide to treat yourself with a cab ride as opposed to the bus. Or maybe you've successfully made it through an entire bachelorette party bar crawl -- worn the t-shirt, done the shots, successfully avoided drama with the hammered and bossy maid of honor -- and now you finally get to go home and go to sleep. You hail a Lyft. And f*cking Justin Bieber is in it.

"Hey girl," says Justin Bieber, from the passenger seat of the car, ostentatious jewelry glinting from beneath his hoodie. Maybe he fist-bumps you. "Wanna hear my new album?"

Yes, this is the kind of nightmare I might make up whilst in the thick of a severe fever, but it's now also entirely possible, thanks to the San Francisco-based ridesharing giant, which announced today that it's decided to go after the much-coveted Belieber market. From Nov. 12 to Nov. 19, fans will be able to purchase Purpose for $5 through the Lyft app by signing in and sliding into "Bieber mode" (which is not, sadly, a feature that turns your phone into an overdramatic, entitled 21-year-old problem child who says "swag" all the time for no reason).

But there's more! In order to promote the new record, the Biebs is taking some time off from throwing tantrums in French restaurants to surprise Lyft customers across the nation by being in their cars, uninvited. Here are some instances in which that apparently went well.


While ostensibly the in-person Bieber Surprise will only affect Lyft users who voluntarily enter Bieber Mode, this teaser video was released prior to the promotion officially starting. Fingers crossed that footage from the cutting room floor surfaces eventually, because there's no doubt that at least one person -- upon being surprised by Justin Bieber trying to talk about his new album while they were just trying to get home for crying out loud -- got in, closed the doortook one look at the Biebs, the camera, and the whole setup, and promptly issued an "Oh, hell no" for the ages. We'll be on the lookout.