New York Times Magazine Is Really Going For It With Millennials Lately

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Millennials: We're the future -- quite literally, in that no matter how much other generations might find us distasteful, we're going to be in charge of the country pretty soon simply on account of the cruel march of time, and whatnot -- and also in so many important, funny but also kinda sad marketplace-based ways.

The news media, for example, has in the past decade or so ramped up its efforts to figure out what makes us tick: Digital only! More gifs and quizzes! Please rephrase your question in the form of a funny cat listicle!

No publication is above this. Fresh off of featuring Nicki Minaj on the cover of last week's issue, New York Times Magazine today asked readers a pressing, completely out-of-left field question:

We're imagining a bunch of editors sitting in a smoke-filled board room plastered with blacklight posters, towel stuffed under the door, hands smeared with orange Cheeto dust.


The internet responded in kind:







And we've done it, Twitter. Two hours after the initial query was posed, "Baby Hitler" is trending on Twitter. Pat yourselves on the back. Happy Friday. Let's all go get some Cheetos. NYT Magazine definitely is.