R.I.P. ANTM: 14 Moments I'll Never Forget from the Last 22 Seasons

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This article is more than 7 years old.
Photo: The CW

For the past 12 years, I've had a love/hate/love again relationship with America's Next Top Model. It was pure head-over-ten-inch-heels love in the beginning. I learned how to not look super ugly in photographs. I worked on my signature walk. I mastered the art of smizing. But then Tyra and the judges started making decisions that made no sense (never bring up Saleisha's win to me because I will probably throw something or cry or both). I took to calling Ms. Banks Tyrant. For mental health reasons, I had to quit the show for some time.

I eventually made peace with the fact that ANTM isn't really about who's the best at modeling. With a few exceptions (Analeigh and YaYa, I see you), most contestants don't really go on to do much. Once I stopped taking the competition so seriously and embraced it for what it is — a fun, cheesy visual morsel of escapism—I was back in love.

So I was pretty devastated when I found out (in a sad post office of all places!) that the current season would be the show's last. After spending the last day or so smizing into the sky and yelling WHY?!?, I am finally ready to move to the next stage of grief: thankful acceptance.

Here are 14 ANTM moments from the last 22 seasons that will live in my heart forever and ever:



Denzel's weave beard. Yep, you read that corrently. Tyra gave this dude a weave...on his face! Later on in the season, he turned out to be pretty homophobic so he had it coming!



Jade, the self-professed "biracial butterfly" / "undiscovered supermodel," was the love-to-hate villain of her season. She was constantly feeling herself and nobody else. Her delusion and unshakable confidence were troubling and inspiring at the same time. I will always be thankful to Tyra for bringing her into my life.

There are two ways to announce an acting challenge. A. Just say "Hey, your next challenge is acting!" B. Pretend to collapse and freak everyone out. Which option do you think Tyra went for?

Actually, basically any time Tyra acted was pretty great, like when she pretended to be a deranged diva (Naomi shade, anyone?).


When Russian Natasha brought her tantrum-throwing American competitor down to Earth by reminding her that some people have war in their countries.

The models travel to an exotic location every season. During All Stars, they flew to Greece, where the contestants were forced to lie under the hot burning sun in a huge salad bowl of tomatoes, cucumbers and huge blocks of feta cheese, while dousing themselves in olive oil. Only a mad genius could come up with such a bizarre/brilliant concept. Bless you, Tyra and/or random under-appreciated ANTM producer.

If hangry was personified into a minute and a half YouTube clip, it would be this one.

ANTM tried to spice up their template a few times. Short girls! College girls! British girls! One of the contestants from the latter category couldn't stand the heat and stormed out of that kitchen in an expletive blaze of glory and waltzed right into Top Model herstory.

I don't like this moment one bit, but it's one I'll never forget. A contestant is taking the judges' feedback in and then faints backward really hard, spooking even Tyra.

Sobbing when anyone mentions your mom who's completely fine and just chilling at home is normal, right? For Victoria, it is.

I still have PTSD from watching Shandi have to tell her boyfriend that she cheated on him with some hot Italian dude.

Tyra forced the models to write original songs and work in the term "Potledom" (Top Model smelled backwards). Despite that tall order, Allison produced a legit bop.


When Lisa peed in a diaper for no good reason.

And obviously the single most important moment in ANTM history—and maybe U.S. history in general—is when Tyra snapped and let Tiffany have it, launching more gifs than the Internet even knows what to do with.

Thanks for the memories, Tyra. We will miss you and ANTM always.