Beach House Teases Surprise Album, Mere Weeks After Their Last LP

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One of the pitfalls of really loving music is when your favorite band or artist makes you wait and wait for a new album. (I'm looking at you, Frank Ocean, Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, Adele.) So when a new album does come out, I make it my mission to hold myself back from playing it over and over until I'm sick to death of it in a month or two.

Beach House released a beautiful gem of an album, Depression Cherry, in August and I've been savoring it in a slow, purposeful way. But apparently there was no need for all that moderation because the band just announced that they're dropping a whole new album in nine days!


They might not want to brand it a surprise and become a footnote in every future think piece about surprise albums and how the music industry has changed in recent years, but let's be real, this is a huge surprise and I love surprises.

i love surprises wiig

Stereogum did some digging on Beach House's website and found a secret treasure trove of photos and lyrics for the new songs!

1. “Marjorette”
2. “She’s So Lovely”
3. “All Your Yeahs”
4. “One Thing”
5. “Common Girl”
6. “The Traveller”
7. “Elegy To The Void”
8. “Rough Song”
9. “Somewhere Tonight”

Read 'em and weep!

All right, time to listen to Depression Cherry on a loop until Thank Your Lucky Stars is released next Friday. What a time to be alive!