'Fantastic Mr. Fox' Characters Rapping To This New Blackalicious Song Will Cure Your Case of the Mondays

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Sacramento duo Blackalicious dominated the indie hip-hop scene in the late '90s and early aughts, in large part thanks to rapper Gift of Gab's  tongue-twisting verbal acrobatics on the mic; producer Chief Xcel built a reputation for beautifully imaginative sampling and production as well.

But it's been 10 years since the duo hit the airwaves with new material, which is why we've been happy-dancing all weekend with Imani Vol. 5, out Sept. 18, blasting in our headphones.

The whole album's worth a stream -- check it out at XXL Mag right here. But in case you just need a grin-inducing visual to accompany the record's first single, the old-school, piano-driven jam "The Blowup," you're in luck: Animal Robot, the folks who previously brought you such mindbending masterpieces as Fozzie the Bear and Kermit the Frog performing as N.W.A., have released what might be our favorite mashup yet.

Take a gander below, and let Wes Anderson's fox-ified versions of George Clooney & Co. soothe those beginning-of-the-week blues. Seriously, the editing on this thing is perfect. Bravo.