How To Really Make a Sandwich From Scratch: With Six Months and $1500

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We here in the Bay Area are well-known for our devotion to farm-to-table cuisine, the sustainable and Slow Food movements, and just about any other set of culinary or agricultural buzzwords that will communicate we care about where our food comes from. We think about the environmental impact of factory farms. We worship at the altar of Alice Waters and edible schoolyards. We saw Food, Inc. too, okay?

But this takes the meaning of "slow food" to a whole new level. Andy George, the host of the series "How To Make Everything," set about making a sandwich from scratch. No, really from scratch. As in he got the salt from the ocean to make pickles, planted wheat for the bread, and milked a cow to make cheese. In the end, his quest for a humble chicken sandwich took six months and cost a total of $1500.

Check it out below. Gimmicky? Sure. But we can always do with another reminder of just how completely removed we normally are from the foods we eat on a daily basis. Even if it only serves to make you feel really, really guilty the next time you spill salt.