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There's a Burning Man Musical Now Because of Course There Is

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'Burning Man: The Musical,' a real thing that will probably get very nicely funded because of course it will.

Are you allowed to complain about techies ruining Burning Man (or, wait, make fun of people who complain about techies ruining Burning Man) if you, yourself, work at Google?

That's just one of the burning (sorry) questions raised by this trailer for Burning Man: The Musical, a new theatrical work in progress from writer and Google employee Matt Werner, who recently unleashed a five-minute musical number from the play as part of his campaign to get the whole production funded. 

Featuring lyrics like "I dreamed a dream of burns gone by/when the playa was clean, and techies stayed in SOMA," the whole thing feels a bit like anti-techie sentiment eating its own serpent tail...while also jumping over a shark? It's hard to describe (like Burning Man itself, maybe, which I've been told many times I just have to experience to understand).

Check it out below. In the meantime, I'll get back to preparing for Burning Man the way I always do: excitedly making a list of places to eat that usually have prohibitively long lines but won't, for one week only!! It really is the most wonderful time of the year.


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