Joanna Newsom Announces First Album in 5 Years, Unveils 'Sapokanikan' Video

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Photo: Annabel Mehran

A lot can change over the course of five years. For me, one thing stayed constant though: an anxious, impatient waiting for another Joanna Newsom album. This tweet of mine pretty much sums up how it's been:

But today I did not weep upon waking. Instead I did a little of this:

titanic old lady

and a lot of this:



and some of this:


...because Joanna Newsom has finally announced Divers, her first album since 2010's Have One on Me, and unveiled a music video (directed by Paul Thomas Anderson) for first single "Sapokanikan."

If you want to learn a bunch of new words and scare your friends with them, check out the "Sapokanikan" lyrics.  Sample line: "The cause is Ozymandian, the map of Sapokanikan is sanded and bevelled, the land lorn and leveled by some unrecorded and powerful hand." Flaunt that perfect SAT verbal score, Joanna!

Divers comes out October 23, 2015.

Here's the cover art:


And here's the tracklist:

01 Anecdotes
02 Sapokanikan
03 Leaving the City
04 Goose Eggs
05 Waltz of the 101st Lightborne
06 The Things I Say
07 Divers
08 Same Old Man
09 You Will Not Take My Heart Alive
10 A Pin-Light Bent
11 Time, As a Symptom

If you want to sneak a listen to what is probably the seventh track, here you go:

Or if you just want to celebrate, join me in singing along to this CeCe jam that encompasses everything we're feeling right now: