'Jurassic Park' Parody Puts Everyone in Heels, Including the Dinosaurs

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Photo: YouTube

If you have a pulse and aren't agoraphobic, you've probably seen Jurassic World. And you probably noticed that the heroine of the film, played by Bryce Dallas Howard (not Jessica Chastain), was forced to wear heels for the entire movie, even while fleeing lethal pterodactyls. Surely an amusement park as large as Jurassic World would have some sensible footwear options in the gift shop (maybe with light up dino eyes or something)? Apparently not. Some argued that the heels were a tongue-in-cheek call-back to monster movies of yore. Others thought it was just sexist.

XVP Comedy spun the debate into comedic gold by putting all the male characters from previous Jurassic Park movies in heels of their own. And they didn't stop there; the dinosaurs and even the mosquito immortalized in amber got the stiletto treatment. How does it feel, fellas? #JusticeforBryceDallasHowardsFeet!