'RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 2' Announced! Here are the Queens That Need to Be Cast

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Every spring, drag queen enthusiasts huddle around television and laptop screens on Monday nights for RuPaul's Drag Race, a reality show that, over the course of seven seasons, has morphed into a kind of SuperBowl/World Series/Olympics/Stanley Cup?/I'm running out of sports metaphors. Point being, the stakes are high and fans of the show take the competition very seriously.

So today's announcement of a second season of All Stars is major, to say the least. The premiere won't arrive until 2016, but that doesn't mean we can't make a wish list of the queens we hope to watch compete for the crown a second time. Take note, RuPaul!


willam belli drag race

#BringBackWillam lit up Twitter yesterday, after Willam mentioned that he hadn't been approached to be a part of the show. And there's a good reason for the rally cry hashtag. Willam is arguably the most successful drag queen to come out of the show. She has a string of parody singles, a campaign with American Apparel, and a hilarious web series. Bringing her back is a no-brainer, especially considering her sudden disqualification (the rumor is she broke the rules by receiving conjugal visits from her man). She was robbed of a top 3 spot and it's time to make it right!



alaska drag race

A lot of fans initially underestimated Alaska because, on the surface, she seemed like a bootleg version of her then boyfriend Sharon Needles, who won the previous season. But Alaska quickly made a name for herself as the unconventional comedy queen to beat and coined an infectious catchphrase in the process (Hiiiiiiiiieeeeeee!). More ear-piercing greetings please!

Adore Delano

adore drag race

It isn't a party until Adore shows up. The former American Idol contestant wasn't considered strong competition in the beginning of her season because she had a "hog body" and was less polished than some of the pageant girls, but she proved everyone wrong with a second place finish. Since Drag Race, she has become the highest charting drag queen on the Billboard charts (even besting mama Ru!). Her single "I Adore U" is easily better than most pop songs you will hear on the radio. That's just one reason this queen deserves an encore!

Alyssa Edwards

alyssa tongue drag race

This queen was such a breakout star that there were rumors she was getting her own show, a Dance Moms spin on her Texas dance studio. That sadly never came to pass, but Alyssa is still on our minds. This season's winner Violet Chatchki impersonated her for Snatch Game, an honor usually only bestowed on celebrities like Anna Nicole Smith. And we impersonate her every time we tongue pop to make a point. Bring back the back rolls! (I'm sorry in advance for sucking you into the gif above and making you late to whatever you're doing next).


Katya drag race

Last season was rough. Many at the finale party I attended weren't really rooting for anyone or, worse, didn't care. Some of that is due to the elimination of Katya, the fake Russian full of one-liners and splits. At the reunion, the love for Katya was clear; she was crowned Miss Congeniality and RuPaul even pretended to crown her the overall winner, despite her not actually being in the top 3. Let's do that for real this time.


latrice drag race

Yeah, I know she already had her chance on the first season of All Stars, but we can all agree she was robbed by that wack team set-up. We demand justice! And more Latrice gifs to use in our texts!

Laganja Estranja

laganja drag race

I can't believe I'm writing this. Laganja was the embodiment of cringe-worthy on her season, doing the most to make an impression and failing miserably. But with time (and a water-shooting-out-of-your-nose funny roast by Alaska), her antics and awkward verbal tics (Okuuuuurrrr???) have become iconic. We all laughed at her back then, but maybe this time she can be in on the joke and laugh with us. Pitting her against her former friend Adore and her drag mother Alyssa Edwards will surely provide some fireworks too.


tatiana drag race

You newly indoctrinated Drag Race fans might not remember Tatiana, a young queen from season 2, which aired five whole years ago, but you should brush up on your herstory because Tati was a force to be reckoned with. When eventual winner Tyra Sanchez (why, Ru, why?!) was singing Beyonce songs in the most obnoxious way possible, Tati was the one who called her out. She also held her own against Raven, who basically bullied her the entire season. And who can forget the politeness contest between Tati and Ru exchanging Thank yous back and forth until the end of time? All Stars 2 is the perfect excuse to check in and see how her drag has evolved.


max drag race

The fake posh accent. The grey hair. The top-tier fashion looks. Max definitely brought a fresh take on drag before being booted pretty early on and being forgotten in the wake of #JusticeforTrixie. If her super weird topless swan song isn't enough to garner a spot on All Stars 2, I don't know what is.

Phi Phi

phi phi drag race

Someone has to go home first.