Get Ready to Laugh and Cry Your Way Through 'I Am Chris Farley'

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Farley in one of his most iconic roles. Photo: NBC Photo Bank/Getty

If you were alive and in possession of a television set in the '90s, the genius that was Chris Farley's comedy requires no introduction.

During his five-year stint on Saturday Night Live alone, he created almost too many endearing weirdos to name. There was The Chris Farley Show, in which the comedian played himself and nervously asked terrible questions of superstars (to Paul McCartney: "Remember when you were with The Beatles? That was awesome"). There was Bennett Brauer, Weekend Update correspondent with questionable hygiene and a deep affinity for air quotes.

And of course there was motivational speaker Matt Foley, whose guidance consisted of cautioning teenagers not to turn out like him. (Raise your hand if you listed "Livin' in a van down by the river" as your future plans under your senior portrait in your high school yearbook. Just me? Okay then.)

But compulsive YouTube sessions and a few Saturday Night Live specials aside, we've never gotten a true celebration of the late comedy great, who died at the age of 33 in 1997. Which is why the documentary I Am Chris Farley, which opens in theaters July 31, is so exciting -- despite the fact that it's clearly going to make us bawl our faces off in public.


The film promises emotional contributions from a veritable who's-who of '90s comedy, including Dan Akroyd, Mike Myers, Dennis Miller, Christina Applegate, Jay Mohr, Adam Sandler, Molly Shannon, Bob Odenkirk, Lorne Michaels, and of course Farley's BFF and cinematic partner-in-crime, David Spade.

As Bob Saget puts it: "Everybody cries through this, right?" Uh, yeah. If you need help balancing that out with a little laughter, check out the clips below.