4 Infographics in Honor of Alanis Morissette's 'Jagged Little Pill' Turning 20

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Three years ago, some friends and I were biking through Golden Gate Park and heard echoes of a concert going on. It turned out to be Alanis Morissette. None of us had kept up with her career, but all of us were transported back to 1995, when Jagged Little Pill changed the way we thought about popular music, (kind of) taught us about irony and scandalized us with the F word and dirty movie theater acts.

20 years and 13 million copies later, Jagged Little Pill still feels revolutionary. Let's pay homage to some of the album's most popular songs through the power of infographics!

"All I Really Want"

Part of the reason why Jagged Little Pill was so noteworthy was that it featured a woman speaking her mind, sticking it to the jerks in her life and not apologizing for wanting certain things. Alanis wasn't the only woman of the era to sing about wanting something though:




"You Oughta Know"

Mathematicians have yet to discover a figure high enough to represent the number of times this song has been shouted by spurned lovers in cars, bedrooms and on karaoke stages. It's the ultimate kiss-off anthem full of the fiercest burns. Let's rank them!



"Hand In My Pocket"

Alanis' one hand is lazy as hell, always snuggled up in that pocket, while the other one is left to do all the work.




An entire generation learned the definition of irony from this song...or so we thought.


Happy 20th birthday, Jagged Little Pill! We love you and will buy you a drink next year.