It's Friday! Celebrate With a Riley Curry Victory Dance

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Our ears are still ringing from all the hollering that went on during last night's Warriors game -- does anyone in the Bay Area not have a happy hangover of sorts from Game 1 of the NBA Finals? -- but that hasn't stopped us from watching replays of key moments today.

Specifically: moments that involve Riley Curry.

Sure, we know Rihanna, Dave Chappelle and Guy Fieri were courtside (not together, sadly, which is rather fun to imagine). We were damn pleased to see E-40 representing for Oakland at halftime, too. But we all know who the real star of this series is. And she's in preschool.

There was the chest bump:


There was this victory dance:

She did not, unfortunately, attend the post-game press conference, and her absence was keenly felt.

The two-year-old has understandably stolen our hearts for the past few weeks with her magical ability to make post-game pressers not boring. But, of course, there have been some naysayers, who obviously have hearts made of coal and battery acid. (This is actually a handy litmus test for job interviews, dates, etc.: Ask a person how he or she feels about Riley Curry. If the response is negative, run. Quickly.)

Riley's mother, Ayesha Curry, finally responded to these haters today in a classy op-ed for Time, the entirety of which you should read here. The gist: Yes, Riley is America's #1 Top Sports Baby right now. She's also just a baby. And Stephen Curry is just a dad. Anyone who would begrudge a father wanting his daughter to share in the excitement with him during the biggest event of his professional life should probably find somewhere more useful to focus their energy.

Until Sunday, Dubs fans. Stay #blessed.