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Think That $179M Picasso Was Overinflated? Get a Load of This San Francisco Mansion

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Photo: Zillow

In this week's news-that'll-make-you-ugly-cry-while-checking-your-bank-balance, Picasso's "Women of Algiers (Version O)" was auctioned off for a staggering $179.4 million, the highest amount ever paid for art at auction. The painting last switched hands 18 years ago, when it sold for $31.9 million. For those who hate math, that's a 462% increase. If the numbers don't make you dizzy, get this: Back in 1956, the painting was part of a 15-work series, which sold for $212,953 in total. I'm not even going to calculate that percentage increase because your heart can't handle it.

All this inflation brings the Bay Area real estate market to mind, where skyrocketing prices on the kind of private residences that would have Picassos adorning their walls make the sale of "Women of Algiers (Version O)" feel like a steal.

At the intersection of Broadway and Divisadero in SF, you'll find a humble mansion that is on the market for $39 million. Back in 1999, it was sold for $4.1 million. That's an 851% increase.

Let's take a closer look at this place, shall we?

Photo: Neal Ward Properties

Money may not grown on trees, but money sure can buy them.

Photo: Neal Ward Properties

A cute nook for your multiple chefs to hang and talk about last night's Mad Men.

Photo: Neal Ward Properties

A venue for Sloppy Joe night.

Photo: Neal Ward Properties

Having a fireplace this close to your bed means lots of burned love letters from the other billionaires you're having secret affairs with. Also, you can use it to burn any dirty clothes you have lying around. What is laundry?

Photo: Neal Ward Properties

Not sure whether you want to practice your downward dog or play some b-ball? No problem! There's an indoor court for that.

Photo: Neal Ward Properties

How will your heirs or ladies-in-waiting manage to get any beauty sleep without an unobstructed view of the Palace of Fine Arts? They won't have to in this lilac-colored dreamscape.

Photo: Neal Ward Properties

If you've been searching for inspiration for your beauty regimen, look no further than inches to the right or left of your vanity mirror to take in gorgeous views of the city. You own everything. Everything is yours. 

Photo: Neal Ward Properties

Nothing screams medicinal marijuana louder than this Jerry Garcia-inspired rec room.

Photo: Neal Ward Properties

Need to catch some vitamin D, but hate going out in public with the riff-raff? No sweat.

Photo: Neal Ward Properties

Okay, there are just too many rooms to include here. Finish up the tour, if you can stand it. And next time you hear about a piece of art being sold at a ridiculous price, just think about this place and how much worse it could be.


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