Met Gala 2015 Fashion Round-Up: All The Looks You Need To See

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Photo: Glyn Lowe, via Flickr

Every spring since 1971, the Metropolitan Museum of Art throws an insanely star-studded gala to mark the premiere of their annual fashion exhibit. Every celebrity worth their salt shows up dressed to the nines, according to a theme. 2013's theme was punk, last year's was...I can't remember because Solange kicked Jay Z's butt in an elevator at an after party...and this year's is dedicated to Chinese fashion. What did everyone wear? I'm glad you asked! Here are the noteworthy looks from the red carpet:

Sarah Jessica Parker is a mainstay of this event and epitomizes New York fashion, so we'll start with her:

Right after this video ends, a slow-mo bus splashed her headpiece.

Next up, Anna Wintour 'cause, if I put her any lower on the list, she'll probably ask one of her assistants to bully me on Twitter.


Jennifer Lawrence is co-hosting the event, alongside Wintour. I have nothing bad to say about America's BFF and never will:

I will say something bad about Katy Perry's look though. Arm warmers, a spray paint can as a purse and that wig? Nope.

Kim Kardashian's look had people feeling Beyonce-flavored deja vu:

Speaking of Beyonce, her sister Solange made a statement worthy of your desktop background:

Other indie artists didn't fare so well. Grimes, I love you, but you're bringing me down.

And fka twigs, is that really a penis on your dress?

Donatella Versace sported another headscratcher, while Jennifer Lopez did what she does best:

The Olsen twins might not be in the Full House reunion series, but they're working it pretty hard on this red carpet.

The polarizing Anne Hathaway wore a polarizing outfit:

Grace Coddington wore a chic pair of PJs 'cause she's awesome like that (if you don't know who she is, watch The September Issue immediately).

And now, the moment you've been waiting for: Behold BEYONCE!

No one can top that, right? Enter Rihanna.

Taking up the entire staircase like it's nobody's business.

This level of glamour must be experience in motion picture.

I'm speechless so this is where this post ends.


Which Met Gala looks are your favorites? Leave 'em in the comments!