Get To Know Your New 'Daily Show' Host, South African Comedian Trevor Noah!

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Photo: Byron Keulemans / Comedy Central

No matter how much we pretend it isn't so, the truth of the matter is that Jon Stewart will be leaving The Daily Show desk. Last time he abandoned us, we got John Oliver as a fill-in, and look how great that turned out! So it's with an optimistic heart that we greet the announcement of Stewart's replacement. Drumroll, please! Is it Samantha Bee? Or Jessica Williams? Or Amy Sedaris? No, Nope, and Nu uh. It's Trevor Noah!

You might be asking, Who? And that's okay because that's exactly what many people said when then relatively unknown Jon Stewart was tapped to take over The Daily Show back in 1999. For those who don't know, Trevor Noah is a 31-year-old comedian from South Africa, born to a black mother and a white father during apartheid. He speaks six languages and is the subject of a 2011 documentary called You Laugh But It's True (you can watch it on Netflix!). He's only appeared on The Daily Show three times (talk about a promotion!), but each bit made an impact, like his very first, in which he uses his outsider perspective to poke fun at America's myopic perception of Africa.

Or his second, in which he managed to make chess interesting:


Or his third, in which he schooled Jon on what Boko Haram was doing in Nigeria, while the world was focusing on the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris.

Pretty good, right? If you liked that, you can also watch his comedy specials 2012’s Trevor Noah: That’s Racist and 2013’s Trevor Noah: African American.

While we'll continue to think of Jon Stewart whenever we hear Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You," it's time to stop pouring one out for him and start pouring it up for Trevor Noah!