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'Downton Abbey' Is Officially Over. Here's How It Should End

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The rumors were true. Today, PBS announced that the next season of Downton Abbey will be its last. We're accustomed to freaking out every time a show we loved at some point is cancelled, but ending Downton is the right thing to do.

This past season had its moments — Edith's accidental act of arson, Mary's sex positive ways, everything Maggie Smith did or said — but, as a whole, it felt like a trudge and the show's quality was nowhere near what it once was when Sybil was alive and well, showing off her harem pants.. With nothing to lose, Season 6 is a chance to return the show to its former glory. Here are some humble suggestions on what should happen to the characters we have grown to love (and the ones we just put up with):

edith-jan-brady-downtonYou might think this show is all about Mary, but you're wrong. The true star is Edith, patron saint of all misunderstood middle children. I see Edith moving to Germany during the lead up to World War II and infiltrating the Nazi party so that she may exact revenge on whoever killed Michael a.k.a. that dude who knocked her up, didn't marry her, and promptly vanished. Edith decides to prove everyone wrong and change the course of history by assassinating Hitler. She inevitably screws it up because she's Edith and is put into a witness protection program under the pseudonym Jan Brady.

Speaking of tragic figures, poor Thomas has been pigeon-holed as the evil, miserable gay trope for the past five seasons. I see Thomas taking his spoon and drugs and moving to the big city, where he meets Virginia Woolf, while walking around Bloomsbury. She helps him get clean and begs to set him up on a blind date! "It's not just because you're both gay!" she promises. He relents and his blind date is no other than E.M. Forster, famed writer and fellow wistful closet case. Thomas' emo-ness cancels out Forster's emo-ness and they live happily ever after.

For once in her life, Mary doesn't get what she wants. She dies from shock.


hermione-dowager-downtonThe Dowager Countess gets a very late acceptance letter from Hogwarts. She is outraged by the faux pas, but eventually enrolls. She is sorted into all the houses 'cause she's got it like that. While studying for her Transfiguration exam, she accidentally ends up Benjamin Button-ing herself. She begins to age backwards and, decades later, goes by her nickname Hermione so that no one asks questions about why she knows how to correctly pronounce Wingardium Leviosa. She doesn't end up with Ron.

Cora Crawley realizes her marriage sucks and has a meltdown on her bathroom floor before getting a divorce. She rebounds with that art dealer who likes her opinions. That doesn't end well, inspiring her to move to Italy to eat pasta and not have sex, then over to India for a yoga teacher training, and finally ending up in Bali where she gets her groove back. She writes all about the experience, but is too humble to show it to anyone. Her great granddaughter, Elizabeth Gilbert, inherits the manuscript and puts her name on it.

Branson moves to America and starts a labor union and a soup kitchen and other neat stuff. He gives a really awesome speech at the DNC and becomes a frontrunner for the presidency. Opponents demand to see his birth certificate. He's like, you know what, this isn't worth it. His hair never turns grey.

Daisy inherits her dead husband's farm and fills it with all kinds of math books. She studies her ass off and ends up helping Alan Turing crack Nazi codes, which is later documented in a film called The Imitation Game. Her scenes are unfortunately left on the cutting room floor because patriarchy.

thelma-and-louise-downton-aPatmore and Hughes experience a challenging second Saturn return and take to the road. They kill a rapist in a parking lot and rob some stores and put a cop in his own trunk. With the law hot on their trail, they drive their convertible off a cliff and parachute into a hidden valley where they start a super cool women's collective.

Anna realizes Bates is kind of creepy and dumps him. She parlays her changing-other-people's-clothes-for-them skills into a career as the person who helps pop stars get into their next costume between songs. She eventually inspires Madonna's fake British accent.

After he squanders his fortune because he's terrible at everything, Lord Grantham finds himself alone. Years of ignoring/being rude to the women in his life apparently wasn't a great life strategy. The only one who stands by his side is Isis, the dog (I refuse to believe that Isis is actually dead). Grantham runs out of dog treats one day and Isis eats him.

The End!

How do you hope things end at Downton? Leave it in the comments! 

[Editor's Note: A version of this piece was posted on January 29, 2015, when rumors first started that the next season might be the show's last.]

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