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This Broad City Keyboard Just Made Your Texts Way More Exciting

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Have you been overwhelmed by the time it takes to track down all the gif-able moments from each week's Broad City to use in your texts? Are you scared of that span of time after this coming Wednesday when there are no more Broad City episodes for a while? Well, Comedy Central has the solution to both of those problems. Behold: the Broad City Keyboard! It's all here: from Abbi's alter ego, Val, to Ilana's white power suit. Let us count the ways in which you'll be able to make use of this novel invention:

When your friend asks you to help them move:

abbi rolls away broad city tumblr_n1culcHfyW1qa601io4_r1_250

When you need someone to help you pick which selfie to Instagram:

broad city selfie


When you need to let everyone know that it's pay day:

broad city broad city 2

When you finally let that acquaintance who always flakes on you have it:


When you're almost ready:

broad city lipstick

When you're on your way:

broad city yas

When your friend is like "Get in, loser, we're going shopping":


When you need to let someone know you don't give a...:


When your crush texts and you're trying to keep it cool:


When your friend asks you to go to karaoke:


When complaining about how you have nothing to eat at home and hate grocery shopping:


When your friend says they'll bring you food:


When someone doesn't text you back:


When you find out there's a Broad City keyboard app:


Okay, you get the idea. Now get to texting! All your friends are going to wait by the phone for your messages now...or ignore you cause you inspired them to rewatch the show from the beginning. Either way, the world is a better place with this keyboard in it. Download the app now!

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