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Serial: Can't Stand the Wait for Season 2? This Parody Will Help

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Photo:The Sporkful

Remember last October, when we all were introduced to Serial? There was the joy of discovery, the frantic recommending, the endless debates with friends or your dentist. Now, three long months after the final episode, all we have are the memories. Maybe you picked up another podcast, but it doesn't feel the same. You and your dentist are back to small talk.

There's no telling when we'll get a second season or if it will be able to recapture that collective hysteria and sense of community. But, while we wait, we might as well have some fun. That's what the folks of The Sporkful podcast have done with their latest episode. Adopting all the storytelling techniques used by Sarah Koenig, they turn the focus on a much sillier crime that should sound familiar to all my cube dwellers out there: the curious incident of the stolen lunch from the office kitchen!

Picture this: It’s Elkhart, Indiana, 2001. Heather Coleman finds a slice of her pizza missing. Maybe someone thought it was their pizza? Maybe she ate it and forgot? But then, two inches of her club sandwich also go missing. She resorts to duct taping her lunch. The thief cuts through it and eats a bite. This true story just gets weirder and, unlike the somewhat unsatisfying end of Serial, you'll get the closure you're after by the end of this Sporkful episode.

So what are you waiting for? Give it a listen. And go check on your lunch!


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