Looking for an Anti-Gentrification Anthem about the Mission? You Got It, Dude

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Photo: Wiki Commons and Wiki Commons

How many times have you complained about the changing face of San Francisco, the rising rents, the ugly new condos, this or that closing? For me, it's too high a number to count. Eulogizing the city became a daily ritual, if not with friends, then in my head or on this blog. Eventually, the conversations on the topic started to dwindle, mainly because it was just too depressing and because many of my friends who were just as horrified by it all have moved to new cities.

These days, I try to focus on the parts of the city I love, instead of the fact that I can see Mark Zuckerberg's ever-expanding house from my front window, but every now and then I need a good wallow. Local designer Kelly Niland has created the soundtrack for that good wallow. Titled "Mission, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down" (a spin-off of LCD Soundsystem's famed anti-gentrificiation anthem about New York), Niland sings about how much has changed since she moved to the neighborhood 22 years ago. Lines like "You’ve got single serve coffee, but no place to buy Tide” hit very close to home. Caution: Listening might lead to side-eyeing Google buses and anyone waiting in a long line even harder than usual on the way home.