Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the Other Female Supreme Court Justices Are Now LEGOs!

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Photo: Maia Weinstock

Remember that feeling you used to get in the hallowed halls of Toys "R" Us, all that adrenaline propelling you toward your next Tamagotchi or Polly Pocket? Well, finding out that there are LEGO versions of the female Supreme Court Justices has me feeling that all over again. And it's thanks to Maia Weinstock, who created the “Legal Justice League” — a bad ass collective featuring toy figurines of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan, and former Justice Sandra Day O’Connor — to commemorate International Women's Day.

“The goal has been to inspire people to consider our generation's thinkers and makers as heroes worthy of action figures,” Weinstock told MAKERS. “All of these women are trailblazers who should be celebrated — not only by adults but by kids just learning about civics and government.”

Hear, hear! Seeing the Justices in this way also serves as a reminder that only four women out of 112 have served on the Supreme Court, since it was founded in 1789. (*Debbie Downer sound*)

In case you want to buy and display these feminist tokens in your home, touch luck. Weinstock tried to submit the set to the Lego Ideas contest, but the company deemed the project too "political." No matter because, while we all can't have them for ourselves, these lovely treasures do exist somewhere! Check them out below and also get a load of Weinstock's series of LEGO scientists!

Photo: Maia Weinstock


Photo: Maia Weinstock


Photo: Maia Weinstock