Grimes Surprise Drops Music Video for Demo from Her "Lost Album"

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If patience is a virtue, then Grimes fans are on track to becoming Mother Teresa. It's been over 3 years without a new album, and the wait took a turn for even-more-intolerable recently, when news broke that Grimes had scrapped recordings for her next album and begun again from scratch. Throw us a bone here! we all telepathically pleaded. And it appears she has heard our call!

This morning, Grimes surprise released a music video for "REALiTi," a song taken from her "lost album." Shot during her tour of Asia in early 2013, the clip is classic Grimes: sick dance moves and even sicker melodies. It's so good you'll forget it's Monday!

While we're at it, you might as well watch some of her other music videos too. Happy dancing like you just don't care!