#TheDress: How Well Do You See Color? Take This Test to Find Out

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To celebrate yesterday's net neutrality win, the internet freaked the F out...over what color a dress is. All the people you never liked from high school have weighed in on Facebook. Even celebrities debated white & gold vs. black & blue on Twitter. Thankfully, the science whizzes at Wired got to the bottom of why some people see one thing, while others see another.

This whole sensory sensation has got a lot of people thinking: Am I colorblind? Is my visual cortex malfunctioning? What if what I think is blue isn't actually blue to the rest of the world?!? You can settle these questions once and for all by taking this color vision test. I took it a few years ago and got a perfect score, which has done wonders for my confidence. That could happen for you too! (Or you could learn that your eyes don't work.) Good luck!

Color Test - Online Color Challenge | X-Rite