New Spice Girls Songs Leak! Relive the '90s With These 4 Girl Power Anthems

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I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want: a proper Spice Girls reunion. But since Victoria Beckham is beyond over it, I'll have to settle for these four unreleased Spice Girls demos that just leaked (god is real). The tracks are from the recording sessions that produced Forever, the album the group released after Geri Halliwell ditched them right before a huge tour (I will never ever get over this). That album verged on unlistenable, even for this Spice Girl die hard, but these songs are actually pretty catchy!

So, without further ado, people of the world, every boy and every girl: spice up your life like it's the '90s, a.k.a. that innocent time when you didn't know "2 Become 1" was about condoms.


Somewhere, Emma Stone, the celebrity representative for every Spice Girls fan, is losing it: