The Very Best Gifs from the 2015 Grammys

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a gif must be worth at least a million (math!). With the advent of this bite-sized animated wonder, award shows have become less about who won what and more about who made what face. Here are the gifs from last night's Grammy Awards that will be finding their way into your texts and gchats soon.

tumblr_njhg5phEJQ1sx94wlo1_400 (1)



So let's get right to the Taylor Swift dancing gifs because that's the real reason why people sit through four hours of this awards show.


giphy (1)

Where was Taylor when Paul McCartney needed someone to emote with? Maybe, like the youth of America, she didn't know who he was.

giphy (5)

Adele won a lot of awards.


Madonna revisited the matador motif from "Take A Bow" (you know, that music video that awakened you sexually in elementary school) and proved that she's not a regular mom, she's a cool mom.


Kanye West starred in a reprise of his Beyonce-didn't-win?!? outrage from 2009. This time, he was totally valid.


Bey and Jay were like NOOOOOO and then YAAAASSSS.

giphy (3)

We can't talk about Kanye without talking about Kim. Here she is wondering how she went from being Paris Hilton's assistant to being the only one sitting during a standing ovation in the front row at the Grammys.


Pharrell was nervous about being awkward so he made it awkward by mentioning how awkward it was. He then tried to escape. Maybe he should have asked Kanye to take the stage for him?

giphy (4)

Sia must know how bored we are getting with her I-don't-show-my-face shtick so she called up the one person we could never dislike, Kristen Wiig. Well played.


And Prince appeared from heaven to deliver some glorious sideeye.

We'll end this post the way we started it, with Taylor really going hard (bonus: Pharrell staring, judging, being amused in the background).