Maryland Court to Consider the Appeal of Serial's Adnan Syed

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It's been weeks since Serial came to a close, yet people are still talking about it. Just yesterday, someone checked in with me, "So you think Adnan did it, right?" And people will continue to talk because the Maryland Court of Special Appeals, the state's second highest court, just posted a press release stating that they would consider Adnan Syed's appeal (on the anniversary of Hae Min Lee's murder, of all days). Everybody freak out!

I read the release three times so you wouldn't have to. Here's the deal: Adnan's appeal was already denied by the Baltimore City Circuit Court, which often means don't quit your prison cook job. But there are "limited circumstances" under which Maryland's appellate courts will review a criminal case "when no right to a direct appeal exists." This court will review whether the trial judge back in 2000 followed legal precedent. Basically, this is a Hail Mary pass. No oral arguments will be heard before the court decides whether to take the appeal, but oral arguments may occur if the application is granted. The Maryland Court of Special Appeals has given the state until tomorrow to respond.