Obsessed with Serial? You Need to Watch 'The Staircase'

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It's Thursday, which means you've either just listened to this week's Serial episode or are taking a break to savor it. Those of the second persuasion have a good strategy going because there's only one more Serial episode left (everybody, freak out!). You're going to need something to fill the serialized crime documentary shaped hole in your heart and I've got just the thing.

The Staircase is a Peabody Award-winning French miniseries (8 whole episodes of WTF) by Jean-Xavier de Lestrade. The documentary crew is on the scene almost immediately after novelist Michael Peterson's wife is found dead at the bottom of a set of stairs in their home. Was it an accident or a murder? With each episode, there is another twist, another bombshell, and your beliefs about what actually happened and who is accountable morph one way and then the other.

You'll hear from Peterson's children who believe him and the one who doesn't. You'll see how both sides of the case go about building a case from scratch for trial. And you'll bear witness to tense cross-examinations and all the high drama of the courtroom. Just like Serial, the series unravels a gripping mystery, step by step, and highlights the slippery, elusive nature of the truth.

Watch The Staircase in its entirety on YouTube: