Spotify: Find Out Which Songs You Listened to Most This Year (If You Dare)

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When Spotify first came on the scene, I listened to everything my heart desired (Jock Jams: Volume 2, The Carpenters' greatest hits, solo music from all the Spice Girls minus Ginger). How sweet the sound of all the guiltiest pleasures I never had the courage to actually buy. Then the mocking gchats started coming in. Apparently, Spotify had been broadcasting it all to Facebook friends the whole time. A quick privacy setting switch took care of that problem, but Spotify never stopped keeping track of what I was listening to.

And now they're putting all that spying to use with "Year in Music 2014," a personalized look at your listening habits of the last year, from top 5 artists, top 5 albums, the number of minutes you've spent on Spotify, the day you listen most, and on and on. It would be creepy, if we weren't already so used to having no privacy/weren't so susceptible to pretty graphs.

So, if you don't mind coming to the realization that you're not as cool as you thought (the Frozen soundtrack makes a cameo in my top 5 albums of the year), check out your stats now!