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Joe Biden Responds to Ray Rice's Suspension How Every Man Should

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Photo: NBC
Photo: NBC

A male athlete knocked a woman unconscious and then dragged her body out of an elevator. Seems pretty straight-forward; no one would try to defend that, right? Oh, yeah, we live in a patriarchy so someone would. Like the Ravens' official Twitter, which tweeted (and eventually deleted) the following, before the video leaked to the public:


Yesterday, I mentioned the situation to someone, who immediately said, "Oh, yeah. I heard about that. She was drunk, right?"

Is this real life? Did I just have my wisdom teeth removed? Am I still under the influence of some drugs that eliminate all reason from the world?

Thankfully, Joe Biden, who is unfairly known for always saying the wrong thing, appeared on Today with Tamron Hall and said all the right things about this incident, in particular, and our culture's victim-blame-y attitude toward domestic violence, in general.


"The one regret I have is we call it domestic violence as if it's a domesticated cat. It is the most vicious form of violence there is...This whole culture for so long has put the onus on the woman. What were you wearing? What did you say? What did you do to provoke? That is never the appropriate question."

Watch the whole segment and imagine a world in which all men are feminists:

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