Friends Reunion Finally Happened! (Minus the Boys)

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Last April Fools, I pranked readers by crying wolf on a Friends reunion.  Some of my friends still hold that against me, so it's my pleasure to announce that a real reunion happened last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, albeit with only three cast members. Who needs the boys anyway? Ross is everyone's least favorite, Joey's schtick got old by season 3, and Chandler...actually, it would have been cool if Chandler had been there. But I digress... While promoting her new movie Life of Crime, Jennifer Aniston agreed to play along with some fan fiction Kimmel wrote, which included surprise visits by Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow. The skit wasn't that funny, but it didn't need to be with those three women in the same room. Considering this mini-reunion and news of a pop-up Central Perk opening in New York, it seems as though our cries for a real reunion are finally being heard!