Grimes' New Music Video "Go" Inspired by Dante, KoRn and the X-Men

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Grimes fans, myself included, have been waiting impatiently like a pet dog scratching at the front door for her to return to the music scene, and now that aural drought is finally over! Two years after Visions, Grimes (a.k.a. Claire Boucher) has delivered "Go," a collaboration with producer Blood Diamonds that was initially intended for Rihanna. The song is more up Ri Ri's alley with its trap music breakdown, but the music video is exactly the weirdness we've come to expect of Grimes. Boucher, who conceptualized and edited the video herself, took a page out of Inferno (with touches of KoRn, X-Men, and the Metal Gear video games) to create this journey through the circles of hell. If this is what eternal damnation looks like, I'll keep on sinning.