Taylor Swift Debuts New Single "Shake It Off" a.k.a. Your New Guilty Pleasure

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I don't know about you, but I sure felt 22 (or, let's be real, a lot younger) while waiting for Taylor Swift's secretive live feed to begin. Elevator music eventually gave way to Taylor on the top of the Empire State Building awkwardly waving at a helicopter. Wind got in her eyes a lot. Then, she went inside to greet the mostly high school girl audience and tell them three secrets. Since you're busy and don't want anyone finding you reading an article about Taylor Swift, I'll just get right to it.

1. She has a new single called "Shake It Off," which actually has the phrase "haters gonna hate" in it. Taylor danced with audience members and messed people's hair up and generally was a creature with 0% social anxiety, the yang to the the Zoloft egg's yin.

2. She named her new album 1989, which comes out on October 27th, because that's the year she was born and she's obsessed with the boldness of late '80s pop. She also loves Polaroids so she used one for the cover. She also had this to say about what led to the album's theme: "All I think about are metaphors and cats."


taylor swift 1989

3. She shot a music video for "Shake It Off" that captured how much she loves dancing, even if she looks silly doing it (see: every award show she's ever been to). Taylor is put amidst ballerinas, interpretive dancers, cheerleaders, and -- sigh -- twerkers, to cheesy, but mostly cute results. This song will be everywhere for the next few months so you might as well learn all the words now.


taylor swift shake it off