5 Videos That Will Inspire You to Vote!

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Photo: Theresa Thompson, via Flickr
Photo: Theresa Thompson, via Flickr

It's election day! If you already voted, hurray! Isn't that sticker the best? If you haven't, we have to talk. Maybe you're thinking, It's not a presidential election so it's not worth my time. Or: My vote won't matter anyway. Or something else defeatist and misguided like that. The fact of the matter is that people have fought and died (sorry to get so real on you) for the right to vote, so it's your patriotic duty to exercise your right!

If this brief guilt trip didn't do the trick, here are a few videos that might inspire you to get yourself to the polls!

Allow Little Edie to rile up your love for America through this flag dance:

For the my-vote-doesn't-count crowd, let's take a trip down memory lane to the 2000 presidential election:


The importance of standing up for what you believe can best be expressed through this raw footage of the Unknown Protestor's brave act that inspired the world:

If that didn't give you enough goosebumps, Martin Luther King will take you there with his impassioned belief in America's potential:

And now Whitney will sing us out and have you humming the national anthem as you change your after work plans and head to your polling station:

If you're looking for an Election Guide, KQED News has you covered!