The Best GIFs From Taylor Swift's "ME!" Music Video

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This article is more than 3 years old.
Taylor masquerading as a Jordan almond. (YouTube)

After weeks of clues and a 13-day countdown, Taylor Swift's comeback single "ME!" has officially dropped. Here are the music video's best moments in animated gif form because I care about you:

0:05 — Are you sick of the snake motif from Taylor's Reputation era? Well, so is she. Bye bye, Slytherin aesthetics. Hello, cozy Hufflepuff vibes.

0:31 — Fight scene with Panic! At The Disco's Brendon Urie, randomly in French? Mais oui! Meredith and Olivia cameos? Absolument! (And they said I would never put my French minor to use.)


0:37 — We've all been this hangry.

0:45 — The feeling when you're having a terrible day and someone asks how you are.

0:57 — Taylor sings, "And there's a lot of cool chicks out there" and the camera pans to paintings of baby chicks wearing shades and a portrait of the MF-ing Dixie Chicks! I gay gasped. America owes them an apology for being blacklisted during Dubya's reign, but that's a subject for another article.

1:09 — I am here for this Jordan almond cosplay.

1:53 — Somewhere out there, Lisa Frank just jumped in her car and is zooming to the courthouse to sue Taylor for stealing her folder vibe. (Unrelated but related: I wonder if that waterfall dress comes in my size.)

02:03 — The bottom dude's face will be haunting my dreams tonight, for sure.

02:06 — Flowers: too typical. A marriage proposal: hard pass. A kitten: GIMME.

2:22 — Brendon Urie took Mystikal's encouragement to "shake ya ass" seriously.

2:42 — Taylor is coming for Barney's gig. And letting us Millennials know we are no longer her target demo. The parents of every child between the ages of one and twelve aren't ready for how many times they will be forced to listen to this song.

03:53 — All of a sudden, I'm nostalgic for Gak (and that time I may or may not have done LSD in college).

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