#BeyonceToo: Not Even The Queen Is Safe

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Beyonce side-eyeing the patriarchy.  (Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

This week, inspired by Omari Hardwick invading the Queen B's personal space, we're wondering, if Beyonce is not safe, then who among us is? We share tips on how to deal with unwanted physical attention.

As the eight and final season of Game of Thrones approaches, we're digging into the show's dark little secret: a pilot episode so bad the series almost didn't get made at all.

We try to make sense of Elon Musk's rap single about Harambe, enter the bizarre world of Gen Z darling Billie Eilish and play a game involving Florida and crime (because you can’t have one without the other).


Correction: Elon Musk was pressured to step down as chairman, not CEO of Tesla. Our bad!

Listen to hear all about it!

#BeyonceToo: Not Even The Queen Is Safe

#BeyonceToo: Not Even The Queen Is Safe

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