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After Wondering Why Blackface is Racist, Megyn Kelly Is Now Wondering Where the Closest Unemployment Office Is

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Megyn Kelly speaks onstage at the Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit 2018. (Phillip Faraone / Getty Images for Fortune)

Earlier this week, Megyn Kelly was trending. My first thought was: What racist thing is she up to now? Another rant about why Santa can't be black, perhaps?

Not quite, but also not far off. This time, she had a bee in her bonnet about a different holiday: Halloween. More specifically, her feelings on how unfair it is that white people can't don blackface anymore. Unfortunately for NBC, Kelly offered up this 19th-century take on live television.

If white people whining about not being able to be as racist as their ancestors was a character in our national discourse, it would be the horror movie villain, always coming back from the dead. No matter how many times we explain how harmful blackface is and seemingly put it to rest, this confusion from certain white folk around why they can't do something just won't die.

You know who else is confused about why they can’t do certain things?

  • Trans people who want to use the bathroom.
  • Native Americans in North Dakota or black people in Georgia who want to exercise their right to vote.
  • Gay people who want to go to work without fear of being fired for being who they are.
  • Women who want to be able to exist without the threat of assault at every turn.
  • Survivors who want their abusers to be held accountable.

And then some.


For those who still don't understand. It's very simple: Please don’t paint your skin to look darker. Please don’t put on someone else’s culture or race as a costume. Please don't play up stereotypes for giggles. It's not that hard, yet people like Megyn Kelly continue to resist, like a toddler who doesn't want to eat peas. Empathy for the lived experiences of other human beings is good for you, Megyn; you should give it a taste!

Something Kelly will almost certainly be getting a taste of soon is unemployment. Nothing is official just yet, but the word from NBC insiders and several sources is that Megyn Kelly Today has been canceled and its host will be fired. But don't cry for her, Argentina; thanks to white privilege, she's expected to receive every cent of her $69 million deal.

For even more Megyn Kelly thoughts and feelings, as well as a few scary stories and a debate about the creepiness of ASMR, listen to this episode of The Cooler (if you dare):

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