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The 26-Year-Old Virgin

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True love waits. (Image: Emmanuel Hapsis)

This week, we're talking about the newly anointed Bachelor. He's everything you'd expect: in his 20s, cute enough (if you’re into that sort of thing) and aggressively white. But there's a twist: he's a…

(Okay, fine, he may very well be able to drive.)

Inspired by this virginal reality star, we are talking virgins in pop culture, which countries hit the sack earliest, and revealing way too much information about our own V cards.


On this week's episode of Insecure, Molly revealed one of her relationship dealbreakers: she refuses to date a man who isn't black. We get into some of our own.

We also learn about a gross 19th-century beauty procedure...

...and worship at the altar of Rihanna because duh.

Listen to hear all about it!

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