Every Animated Gif of Aretha Franklin You'll Ever Need

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It's too soon to formulate words into coherent sentences that can truly capture what Aretha Franklin means, so here is a collection of the best animated gifs featuring our beloved Queen of Soul. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a bunch of animated gifs must be worth a thousand think pieces, right?

Let's not waste any time. Aretha snatched our wigs for decades, and even snatched her own that one time.

And that's not the only thing she's known for taking off in grand fashion.


Oops, there goes my coat droppin' to my feet, oh my.

The Queen of Soul was also the Queen of Putting Accessories on the Ground.

And the Queen of Making President Obama Cry.

And the Queen of Making Carole King Feel A LOT of Things.

It's all in a day's work.

Aretha listening to the sound of her audience applauding and sobbing at the same time.

I would take a neck aerobics class taught by Aretha, and so would you.

Or a shimmy dance class.

Or a walk down a single step class.

Or a self-defense class.

Or a grad school course in not being stupid or suffering any fools.

Does Aretha look like someone who puts up with BS?

How many people did Aretha turn into pillars of salt via disinterested blinking? We might never know.

We do know Patti LaBelle is still dealing with the PTSD of this snub.

Maybe Patti can start a support group with Taylor Swift, who's still smarting from Aretha only mentioning her gowns when asked about her talent.

If you can't handle the scalding heat, get out of the Queen's tea room.

Any questions?

Didn't think so.

May Aretha forever rest in sparkly Inauguration hat glory.