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Best Of season is almost over, making way for all those resolutions you're going to stick to for approximately 3.7 days. What better way to bid the retrospective lists adieu than to make a retrospective list about them? META!

This year unfortunately didn't include any new music from Grimes, the self-described "surrealist yuppie, urban faery, aspiring warrior poet, dolly parton fan." But her amazingly honest Tumblr made up for it, especially her post where she listed the best songs of all time because go big or go home. Prince, Enya, Joanna Newsom, Mariah...and the list just gets better from there.

Grimes Shares List of the Best Songs of All TimeGrimes was either feeling the year-end-list love last night or she was just bored, because she posted to her (excellent) Tumblr a list of her favorite songs of all time.

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Nothing could make office life more tolerable than a band crashing your workspace. Our friends at NPR's Tiny Desk have been bringing it all year with performances. Catch up on everything from the one with the most gorilla suits to the one with the most unexpected use of a bucket of water for music purposes.

2013: The Year In Tiny Desk Concertsthe stories Hayley Bartels/NPR For weeks now, we've been compiling lists of 2013's best music - favorite albums, favorite songs, individual staff members' personal Top 10 lists and so on. Applying a rank to the year's best can be a stress-inducing, conflict-intensive process behind the scenes, but we wouldn't dare attempt such a maneuver when the topic is NPR Music's Tiny Desk Concerts series.

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Have you noticed that it's gotten harder and harder to stay on top of all the new music out there, now that you no longer have a radio gig at the college radio station? Well, the only way to get that back is by copying what the kids are doing. Lorde, the 16-year-old from every Best Of list, has your back.

Lorde Shares Her Top 10 Songs of 2013One of 2013′s biggest songs was Lorde's sleeper megahit "Royals," which makes her opinion of other notable songs from the year quite valuable. She recently named her top 10 songs of 2013 for Australian radio station triple j. The list includes a song Lorde covered live several times this year, Kanye West's "Hold My Liquor" featuring Chief Keef and Justin Vernon.

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But music isn't the only thing worth memorializing in list form. There's nothing like looking at gorgeous snapshots of our fair planet from space to put your life into perspective, which is the perfect mindset to be in on the eve of New Year's Eve! Turn into that heart-eyed emoji as you look through these NASA photos.

The Most Amazing Images NASA Took of Earth From Space This YearNASA's fleet of satellites took a slew of beautiful images of Earth this year. From erupting volcanoes and wildfire scars to idyllic islands and surreal cloud formations, here are our favorites.

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