The 'Call Me By Your Name' Villa is On Sale! Who Wants to Chip In?

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Photo: Sony Pictures

If you've had the pleasure of seeing Oscar favorite Call Me By Your Name, chances are you experienced all of these things:

  • your entire head turned into a heart-eyed emoji.
  • you felt like a confused, passionate teen all over again.
  • you smothered your blubbering so your neighbor wouldn't judge.
  • you were choked with major real estate envy over the Italian villa setting.

Well, I can't help you with all the feels, but I can point out that the dreamy 16th-century villa we all fell in love with is on sale now for the low, low price of 1.7 million euros! Here's my proposal: we devoted fans pool our money together, buy this architectural gem, and spend the rest of our days there, being moody and getting into unexpected love affairs!

For those who haven't seen the movie yet, and for those of us who just want to get another peek inside Villa Albergoni, let's take a short tour:

Here's a #tbt illustration to give you a sense of what we're dealing with here:

Photo: House & Loft

The passage of centuries has taken a toll, but it's still a dreamscape.

Photo: House & Loft

We're not even inside yet, and the place is already showing off. This door has no chill. A stone border and adornments and an archway, oh my!

Photo: House & Loft

We all need a well-lit place to practice our runway walks. This will do just fine.

Photo: House & Loft

Not completely wowed yet? Just look up.

Photo: House & Loft



I don't know about you, but I prefer to be bathed in light passing through a stained-glass window when I'm scrolling through Instagram on the toilet.

Photo: House & Loft


As CMBYN attests, being book smart is a turn-on, so it's only natural that the villa library should be this sexy.

Photo: House & Loft


Speaking of sexiness, the bedrooms are just grand enough for your scandalous hookups with an older crush.

Photo: House & Loft

When that older crush breaks your heart into a zillion pieces, you can burn all their letters in this large stone fireplace.

Photo: House & Loft

Okay, let's stop there because my heart can only take so much.

I can totally cough up 100 euros. Only 1,699,900 more euros to go!