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The Spice Girls Are Going On Tour! Say You'll Be There?

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The last time the girls reunited for a tour in 2007.  (Getty Images)

A few days ago, the Spice Girls hung out and allegedly discussed putting out a greatest hits compilation and producing a TV show in China (???). But apparently there was more to the story...


🚨 TMZ is now reporting that the Spice Girls are going on tour in the US and the UK! 🚨


I really hope this is not a drill because the 12 year old version of me is sweating with excitement. Scratch that, the 30-something version of me is sweating with excitement!

Anyone who's spent more than an hour with me knows that I have a deep, abiding love for the Spice Girls. I say things like, "Oh, you're a Capricorn? So is Sporty Spice!" and "No, it's not weird that I'm a grown man with a Ginger Spice doll on my desk." When I hear love songs, I think of them (shout out to my boyfriend for understanding).

We Spice Girls die-hard aficionados never thought this would happen. The girls already reunited in 2007 for a tour and again in 2012 for the London Olympics closing ceremony. Since then, Victoria Beckham has gone on record as saying that she would like to leave it at that. Melanie C similarly said she was over it, and that she wouldn't reunite if it wasn't the original five. This disinterest led to the three remaining girls floating the idea of an ill-advised trio called GEM.

Fans summarily responded with a hard:

But it seems as though they were right, way back in 1996: friendship never ends! They're giving us everything, all that joy can bring, this they swear (yes, they swear)! Candle light and soul forever, a dream of you and the Spice Girls together, say you believe it, say you believe it! When you're feelin' sad and low, the Spice Girls will take you where you gotta go, smilin', dancin', everything is free, all you need is positivity!

For those who are too cool to attend this dreamscape of a tour, who do you think you are? For the rest of you, say you'll be there. I know I'll be. I already have my outfit (and wig) picked out.


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