Family Ties - Episode 6

35 min
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We’ve all had that one big question in our lives that looms over us and keeps us up at night.

Maybe you are making a life altering decision about a relationship; whether to get into one, get out of one -- or stay in one. Maybe you’re one step away from leaving a job, or taking a new one. Or maybe, like our host Tonya Mosley, you are trying to figure out if you should start a relationship with your estranged father’s family.

What should you do when faced with a big “what do I do” moment?

In this final episode of Truth Be Told, we get personal with author Casey Gerald who teaches us that no matter the question, the answer can be found by asking yourself: “What would I do if I weren’t afraid?”

Why the Death tarot Card?

If you are new to tarot the Death card can seem really scary, but fear not - it’s actually not a bad omen. The Death card signifies rebirth, transformation, and the ability to leave behind that which is not serving you. These changes won’t be easy or painless, but as we learn in the final episode of Truth Be Told, the decisions we make and the dreams we chose to follow have a cost, but if we forge on, that costs are worth it.