Colonized Desire - Episode 2

30 min

Do you have “a type?” What if you’re a person of color, and you only have crushes on white folks? There’s a lot of mystery about what gets our hearts pumping, but one thing is for sure, our attractions aren’t simply just our own.

From romantic movies to commercials, we are inundated with messages about what sex and love should look like. As people of color, we rarely get to see ourselves in those narratives and this can have some real consequences.

In this episode of Truth Be Told, we talk with Dr. Amy Sueyoshi about love, interracial dating, and how an interrogation of our desires can lead to healthier relationships with ourselves and each other.

Why The Lovers Tarot Card?

The Lovers card in tarot signifies the possibilities of soul-connecting love. It can also suggest our attempts to figure out personal values, beliefs and attractions. For this episode all about colonized desire and how we can all interrogate the complexities of who we love and desire - The Lovers card just makes sense.