Community - Bonus Live Show

1 hr 11 min

Truth be Told is all about building community and connecting people of color to find collective wisdom and joy in these dangerous and difficult times.  We are also a podcast proudly made in the Bay Area, so we knew from the start that we HAD to do a live show and get our people together. On June 13th in downtown Oakland, over a hundred people gathered to share the love and seek advice from wise ones Ashara Ekundayo and Bari Williams, in conversation with TBT's Tonya Mosely. (Slight problem? It was the same night as the Warriors final game. But people still came out y'all -- to laugh, cry, and listen). Take a listen to our live,  bonus episode.  It's what community sounds like!

Why the Three of Cups tarot Card?

The Three of Cups tarot card signifies the joy of community, sisterhood, and collaboration. We couldn't think of a better card to represent our live show, which brought so many people from all over the Bay Area to heal, talk, and connect with one another.