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Ella Abrams: Love and Technology

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Technology has allowed us to bridge physical gaps during the pandemic. But has it gone too far? Ella Abrams has this Perspective.

Love is something that every human being was made to do and desires to feel. Love is an extremely strong emotion, one that, if great enough, can defeat any feeling of hate or anger.

We live in a time of technology. A time where a steady income can be made solely through your phone or computer. A time where it is more common to communicate with friends and family over a video call than in person. A time where virtually anything and everything is available on the internet. All accessible through a quick search.

Technology is embedded into almost every aspect of our society. Everything revolves around it, and, let’s face it, many of us are dependent on it. It can be easy for technology to become embedded into our sense of love. When love and technology become intertwined, it can lead to the loss or prevention of the true definition of love.

I have noticed love becoming determined by how often one posts their partner on social media, or if they ever post them at all. Why should that define love? I have observed that moments filled with natural love and laughter have been paused to “capture the moment” on our phones. Why not allow the feelings to marinate instead of shutting them down, worrying about posting it later? I have seen countless negative comments on the posts of happy couples, criticizing their relationship. Why are we using technology to ruin their love? I have observed friends spending time “with” each other, but simply entertaining themselves with their phones the entire time. How can we form love if we do not spend time building it with one another?


Love is already hard to obtain and cultivate. Why make it harder? The moment we isolate love from technology is the moment we give ourselves the chance to experience the best feeling in the world: pure love.

With a Perspective, I’m Ella Abrams.

Ella Abrams is a high school student interested in writing and science. She hopes to enter college on a Pre-Med track.

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