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Jose Castro: High Tech Learning is High Stress

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The technology of the classroom has changed tremendously over the years and Jose Castro says that can be stressful for young learners.

Adults see us teens in many ways and have their own expectations for us. They get these assumptions of our school life based on the way they lived their own education . They were raised differently, so their school life was way different from ours. Technology has advanced and it’s caused many changes in our lives. Our understanding of our lives today is more clear to us than when they were our age but adults don’t see that.

Adults think teens only have to go to school, do their work, get good grades, and pass — or at least these are their expectations. But because of the pandemic, school has gotten really hard. I've heard many adults say teens have no reason to stress. I’ve had teachers in my experience tell me that young people don’t have to deal with “real world” problems like working and paying the bills. But, in my perspective, I find this very wrong.

To begin, we have many classes, each with constant assignments. They start to pile up, stressing us out and affecting our mental health. When I’m struggling with school work, I overthink my future. What if I don’t pass this class? Or what if I fail? How would that affect my ability to go to college, if I can make it.

I also think of my parents because what if I can’t take care of them when they finally rest and stop working. These are the thoughts that go through my mind when I’m struggling to reach my goals.


We are often balancing just as many commitments as an adult would on their work calendar. School is a huge part of our life. And for the last year, it’s been online. Adults haven’t ever had to experience these problems as youth, relying on technology for education. It’s made school more difficult than it ever was, having to deal with computers with little support at home. High school went from notepads to emails and Zoom calls. Technology made us mature faster like we’re adults at work.

With a Perspective, I’m Jose Castro

Jose Castro is a 10th-grader at Fremont High School in Oakland.

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