Pete Gavin: Hoping For Normal

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From our personal lives to our national life everything seems turned on its head, and just getting to normal something to hope for. Pete Gavin has this Perspective.

We’re on edge. We search for normalcy and familiarity, and at times, see hints of it. But everything is different, and those hints inevitably bring us back to the realization these are very strange and anxious times.

We wear masks, sometimes more. We burrow into our homes. We read and watch the news. We avoid strangers; cross the street, turn our heads, pass quickly. Electronically, we connect with friends, family, classmates, teachers, doctors and work colleagues. We don’t hug, kiss, touch … unless that person is in our pod.

In five weeks we inaugurate a new president. Millions will rejoice, but many will protest in anger, some perhaps violently. Without doubt, we are a nation divided, and that division could very likely widen in the near future. Most of us, if any, have never lived through times like these. Yes, we’ve experienced difficulties, but the current level of anxiety and uncertainty pervasive in our country exceeds anything many of us could have imagined.

Facts and truth have been manipulated in ways we don’t remember seeing in our lifetimes. History shows us examples that rival what we’re currently living through, but no question, there’s been a colossal shift in reality upending everything we once thought to be true.


So, will we ever rise out of this madness? Will we return to a world we better recognize? Will the level of division decline?

I can’t say for sure, but I’m clinging to the fact that the past shows us we can overcome terrible and unimaginable times, and this gives me some hope. Some.

With a Perspective, I’m Pete Gavin.

Pete Gavin is a retired teacher living in Sonoma County.